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Sifu Jeff Bolt

Jeff Bolt began his training in the Chinese Martial Arts in the mid 1970's while at Purdue University. He is a senior student to Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming and has co-authored two books with him. He has promoted and organized more than a dozen national and international tournaments since 1986, when he held the first all-Chinese Martial Arts tournament at the national level. He was inducted into Inside Kung Fu Magazine's Hall of Fame in 1988 for his Outstanding Contributions to Martial Arts.

He is a Vice President of the United States Wushu Kung Fu Federation and National Chairman for it's competitions. He has been active in many organizations and has been the guiding spirit behind cooperative efforts in the U.S. to organize Chinese Martial Arts for the betterment of the art and for the benefit of it's practitioners.

Mr. Bolt has chaired the U.S. National Chinese Martial Arts Competitions and been Team Leader and Fighting Coach for U.S. teams in two world wushu tournaments. He has also promoted, organized and judged at numerous tournaments at all levels and was Chairman of the 1995 World Wushu Championships, the international Wushu Federation's event in Baltimore, Maryland.

"Jeff Bolt is my martial arts brother under Dr. Yang Jwing Ming. Jeff organized the first all-Chinese style martial arts events in the U.S.A. and is recognized as the father of modern Wush competitions in North America. What he is less recognized for is his tremendous martial arts ability. He is relaxed, fast, focused and has amazing footwork. Jeff has shown me things in a few moments that I've spent years researching." --- Sifu Sam Masich

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